Written by Superplex Pictures on
February 06, 2015


Superplex given funding from Film London for Eddie’s next film!


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After months of script development at the BFI and an extremely nerve-wracking final pitch….. we are absolutely delighted to announce that we have been given funding for our next short film by Film London, The BFI and Southern Exposure.

Production on ‘I Used to be Famous’ begins in the next two months. The plan is to then follow the short with the feature version in the near future.

The Elevator Pitch:
‘I Used to be Famous’ is a fresh, moving and bold comeback story that is bursting to be told. It’s a current and beautiful tale of a culture clash between a washed up singer from an ex-noughties boy band and a musically talented young man with autism. Two opposite characters who transform each other’s worlds through the power of music. It’s an intriguing mix of films such as The Wrestler, Crazyheart, and Once with a healthy dose of Birdman for good measure.